Show me how pretty the world is.

I didn’t sleep much last night. I’m only now remembering this. It’s kinda funny to think about actually. This morning seems so long ago.

This morning my daughter played with the babe for a bit before school. My stomach and abdomen and old scars from past surgeries have been hurting so much recently. I layed flat on the bed and realized it’s been months since I’ve been flat like that. I’m always standing or sitting, or at night as I sleep, I’m on my right side. My muscles and organs and everything must be so jacked up. So I’m going to try to take time each day to lay on my back for a bit. And rub on my muscles and break up some scar tissue. Also, I think I might have diastasis, but that’s probably for another entry sometime.

Today wasn’t eating all day. That’s ultimately where I want to get. Good breaks between meals. Oh. And more water.


1732 calories 22 fiber

My fat is still much higher than my protein (yay!) but I doubt it really needs to be as high as it is. And I started off today with this English muffin French toast concoction thing and didn’t even finish it. It was just too much.

Tomorrow I need to buy more bacon. And clean my kitchen. Goodnight loveys.


A sorta fairytale with you.

When I created this blog, I wanted it to be a neutral place I could come to talk about whatever. I feel like so far I only talk about keto. All things considered that’s not really a bad thing. It feels nice that I haven’t had to talk things out too much. Soon though. I have a list of things I need to get on and anxiety pauses me too often. For now, sleep. It’s late.

I made fathead pizza today! With pesto. It was so good. The crust was still just a tad bit more cheese than bread, but it is a nice substitute. I’m interested in seeing the other ways I can use the bread. Also I made a new fat bomb today. Something I’ve never seen anywhere. Recipe tomorrow!


1679 calories 20 fiber 4 sugar alcohols

I feel good about my calories and my macros and my water intake (90-100oz a day, on average). Weigh in is tomorrow. Numbers are always interesting. I just wish I’d feel better soon. And that my ribs didn’t constantly feel like they are pulling apart. Okay-real sleep now.

Eight little things.

I have this random piercing pain on my right side. I think it’s probably my ovary, but I dunno.

I think the little boy maybe doesn’t do well with dairy. He has been so cranky and crabby. So starting today I stopped with the dairy except for Kerrygold and heavy whipping cream. So far it seems to suit him better.

I made bone broth with chicken feet. It’s really fucking gross.

Today I took a hot shower. Halfway through, the hotness I am always craving just wasn’t comfortable, so I lowered it and the cool water felt better. I used to be like that all the time with showers–loving the coolness–but when I stopped eating clean, hot showers couldn’t get hot enough.

On the contrary, before I started eating clean back in 2010, I was always hot. Eating clean I was always freezing cold. The last year or so I’ve been not as frigid, now I’m so damn cold all the time again.

I decided today that I’m going to eat a banana each day. My poo was just a little too irregular. Today I had one and a half. It made my carbs high. 40ish, I think.

I’ve been having leg pain the last couple days. The right side. Hip to toes. It started as this ache just above my ankle bone. I’ve taken one motrin a day to take the edge off. It’s excruciating.

And now my favorite of the eight. Today was weight check day.


6.4 lbs lost!!!!!

I’m excited to see scale movement. I haven’t been below 200 pounds since August or September. And after an entire month of whole30, I only lost a few pounds. So this feels like the start of something really great.

Also, I got to update myfitnesspal and their graph image makes it look like I lost hundreds of pounds. Haha. It was good for some amusement.


Cliff dropping loss! Hahah.

Now onto the macros. Despite screenshotting the picture before I started typing this and having everything updated and perfect, I just went back to make sure I remembered my calories correctly and now the numbers are all different. Super weird. I can’t find anything off tho. So…I dunno. The new numbers are below.


1628 calories 10 fiber

The numbers are decent. I won’t/can’t/choose not to sweat it.

But now sleep. Because I’m so damn tired.

Be-four I get to tomorrow.

Helloooo end of day four!

Today I did not care about water. Coffee tasted amazing. I wanted all the coffee. So I had three cups of that. And after ruining my coffee yesterday with heavy whipping cream (ha!), two of the three coffees today were black. I also learned I dislike heavy whipping cream in my bone broth. But back to the water! I only had three bottles instead of five. I’m fine with this. And my dear husband made me tea today too. So…liquid. Yay! Now on to macros.


1501 calories 9 fiber

Today was banana day, so my carbs were higher. Subtracting fiber, I still didn’t break 30. I’d love to keep them under 20 all the time, but right now my life says no. And if after some time all seems good, I still get to tweak it.

I still don’t feel much different. No cravings. No carb flu. No lethargy. I’m grateful, but sometimes not having those negative things makes me question when I’ll have positive results. Still gonna ride it out. I’ll weigh in on Sunday. (I don’t remember if I mentioned that I’m going to weigh in once a week and do measurements once a month.)

It’s later than I intended and tomorrow goes back to the normal routine of early rising and making breakfast and packing school lunches. So, sleep. Goodnight sweet world.

Day two!

My posts will die down. But for now I feel all accountability connected and want to keep checking in with myself.

I want to swerve around any of the crappy feeling as much as possible, so I put heavy whipping cream in my coffee this morning for extra fat. I think that felt okay, but using the bacon fat, from my bacon, to cook my eggs, was bleh. Too much heavy bacon fat. Tomorrow, if I have bacon at all, I’ll use coconut oil on my eggs instead. I’m all for coconut oil and butter and bone broth fat, but bacon fat is just too heavy most of the time.

Also, I could use a good massage. My body is killing me. Not keto related. Just sore.