Make up your mind.

I had goals this week.

  • Fold laundry.
  • Do laundry (which technically means more laundry to fold, but that wasn’t specifically on the list).
  • Clean off the damn island.
  • Clean off the table.

There were other things I wanted to do. There are a thousand other things I *do* do. But those goals were things I’ve wanted to do and never get to because I’m constantly doing all the other things.

But not this week!

This week I actually accomplished the goals. And as the island and the table collected papers and toys and mail, I just kept right on clearing them off. I can’t tell you how amazing that feels. Clean space is the best!

I tracked macros again today. I needed it. I felt too far from accountability. Tracking helps remind me to ask the questions “Do I want this? Is this how I want to use calories?” It reminds me to be mindful. I will always take the reminder. Mindfulness isn’t always easy.

Taking a few days off from tracking helped me see that I have a really decent grasp on balanced macros. I put almost no thought into macros today and they’re damn near perfect. Calories threw me a little today, but I think it was just the getting back in the swing of documenting. Nuts are so high in calories! I have no idea how I used to mindlessly ingest so much. But, fuck, I’m so grateful I don’t eat that way anymore.

On to macros.


1499 calories 20 fiber

I don’t know what the scale is going to look like this week. I had almost two weeks of gain or nothing and then I lost a little after lowering my calories. This week was a lack of documentation. I’m not counting on a scale victory.

I do have a fairly kickass nsv though! Yesterday I tried on my pre-pregnancy size 16 pants and I could pull them up all the way!!! I can’t button them yet, but I was freaking stoked!! Progress is progress! I’m going to take new pictures again soon too. For now, sleep!


Double digits.

So today was pretty kickass. I have no idea how I got my calories, but I did. And I did it with a crazy good carb count.

My pants, which were a little big on me when I got them, were especially big on me today. That feels good. I like the little victories.

My leg didn’t hurt too much today. This morning I needed the advil, but this evening I only took it preemptively in hopes of pain not waking me. Tomorrow morning will tell.


1873 calories 12 fiber

I had an above average caloric intake today and still managed only 27 net carbs.

Aaaaand I think the little boy added another food to the List Of No’s. So now we have dairy, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and garlic sometimes and zucchini. So my vegetables seemed to be limited to green beans and carrots. …… I’m a good mom.