I looked into your eyes and saw a world that does not exist.

Food is food is food. I don’t really have anything to add.

I changed my caloric goal on myfitnesspal today. I’ve been eating under 1600 calories a day for a week. Except yesterday. I wanted to make sure it was a good fit before I changed it.

Today I went to see my friend who is trained in diastasis so that she could check me. She said it’s not really that bad. There’s an area that’s two finger widths, but the rest is fine. And at my belly button, it goes deep, instead of wide, but it was kinda in the middle between good and bad and so easily fixable too. She told me not to worry about taking the workshop. She gave me some good exercises to do to open my chest a little bit and strengthen my core and also some stretches and spinal alignments to do on the foam roller. I’ll look up exercises for obliques because that’s supposed to help too.

This morning with food was really good. This afternoon felt a lil rough at points, and dinner could have turned into something unnecessary, but I navigated and I’m proud of the choices I made. Now I just need to get more water in me before 10pm each night.


1457 calories 16 fiber


Show me how pretty the world is.

I didn’t sleep much last night. I’m only now remembering this. It’s kinda funny to think about actually. This morning seems so long ago.

This morning my daughter played with the babe for a bit before school. My stomach and abdomen and old scars from past surgeries have been hurting so much recently. I layed flat on the bed and realized it’s been months since I’ve been flat like that. I’m always standing or sitting, or at night as I sleep, I’m on my right side. My muscles and organs and everything must be so jacked up. So I’m going to try to take time each day to lay on my back for a bit. And rub on my muscles and break up some scar tissue. Also, I think I might have diastasis, but that’s probably for another entry sometime.

Today wasn’t eating all day. That’s ultimately where I want to get. Good breaks between meals. Oh. And more water.


1732 calories 22 fiber

My fat is still much higher than my protein (yay!) but I doubt it really needs to be as high as it is. And I started off today with this English muffin French toast concoction thing and didn’t even finish it. It was just too much.

Tomorrow I need to buy more bacon. And clean my kitchen. Goodnight loveys.

Be-four I get to tomorrow.

Helloooo end of day four!

Today I did not care about water. Coffee tasted amazing. I wanted all the coffee. So I had three cups of that. And after ruining my coffee yesterday with heavy whipping cream (ha!), two of the three coffees today were black. I also learned I dislike heavy whipping cream in my bone broth. But back to the water! I only had three bottles instead of five. I’m fine with this. And my dear husband made me tea today too. So…liquid. Yay! Now on to macros.


1501 calories 9 fiber

Today was banana day, so my carbs were higher. Subtracting fiber, I still didn’t break 30. I’d love to keep them under 20 all the time, but right now my life says no. And if after some time all seems good, I still get to tweak it.

I still don’t feel much different. No cravings. No carb flu. No lethargy. I’m grateful, but sometimes not having those negative things makes me question when I’ll have positive results. Still gonna ride it out. I’ll weigh in on Sunday. (I don’t remember if I mentioned that I’m going to weigh in once a week and do measurements once a month.)

It’s later than I intended and tomorrow goes back to the normal routine of early rising and making breakfast and packing school lunches. So, sleep. Goodnight sweet world.