All the days I lived awake.

I do my friends a strange disservice when I think back to yesterday’s post. I don’t regret the post, nor my thoughts about it. At the same time, I very much have people in my life who are amazing and inspiring and whom I love.

The thing is, it’s hard not seeing them. It’s hard when they are in a different season of life as I am. I’m the mom at home with her toddler (tho we’re almost always out), while one friend is the mom who volunteers at school. I’m the mom grocery shopping at 9am, while another friend teaches full-time. I’m the mom who is tied to the midwest, while another friend (or three) is tied to the south.

I have people in my life I can confide in. I have people I cherish deeply. What I lack is someone to have fun with. Someone I can just be chill with. Someone to keep me company. Someone *I* can keep company! I lack someone who wants to tag along for a trip to walmart or who wants to sit on my counter while I wash dishes. I lack someone who has a kid that L could hang with.  Someone who would trade babysitting services for “me time” and who I could return the favor for.

And there are some *really* great local women here. But as awesome as they are, I don’t feel like they’re *my* people. Mostly their season is as a new mom and I’m on my third with 14 years experience.

I lack someone to be low-key with and shoot the shit. I miss that part.