A sorta fairytale with you.

When I created this blog, I wanted it to be a neutral place I could come to talk about whatever. I feel like so far I only talk about keto. All things considered that’s not really a bad thing. It feels nice that I haven’t had to talk things out too much. Soon though. I have a list of things I need to get on and anxiety pauses me too often. For now, sleep. It’s late.

I made fathead pizza today! With pesto. It was so good. The crust was still just a tad bit more cheese than bread, but it is a nice substitute. I’m interested in seeing the other ways I can use the bread. Also I made a new fat bomb today. Something I’ve never seen anywhere. Recipe tomorrow!


1679 calories 20 fiber 4 sugar alcohols

I feel good about my calories and my macros and my water intake (90-100oz a day, on average). Weigh in is tomorrow. Numbers are always interesting. I just wish I’d feel better soon. And that my ribs didn’t constantly feel like they are pulling apart. Okay-real sleep now.


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