Double digits.

So today was pretty kickass. I have no idea how I got my calories, but I did. And I did it with a crazy good carb count.

My pants, which were a little big on me when I got them, were especially big on me today. That feels good. I like the little victories.

My leg didn’t hurt too much today. This morning I needed the advil, but this evening I only took it preemptively in hopes of pain not waking me. Tomorrow morning will tell.


1873 calories 12 fiber

I had an above average caloric intake today and still managed only 27 net carbs.

Aaaaand I think the little boy added another food to the List Of No’s. So now we have dairy, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and garlic sometimes and zucchini. So my vegetables seemed to be limited to green beans and carrots. …… I’m a good mom.



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