Eight little things.

I have this random piercing pain on my right side. I think it’s probably my ovary, but I dunno.

I think the little boy maybe doesn’t do well with dairy. He has been so cranky and crabby. So starting today I stopped with the dairy except for Kerrygold and heavy whipping cream. So far it seems to suit him better.

I made bone broth with chicken feet. It’s really fucking gross.

Today I took a hot shower. Halfway through, the hotness I am always craving just wasn’t comfortable, so I lowered it and the cool water felt better. I used to be like that all the time with showers–loving the coolness–but when I stopped eating clean, hot showers couldn’t get hot enough.

On the contrary, before I started eating clean back in 2010, I was always hot. Eating clean I was always freezing cold. The last year or so I’ve been not as frigid, now I’m so damn cold all the time again.

I decided today that I’m going to eat a banana each day. My poo was just a little too irregular. Today I had one and a half. It made my carbs high. 40ish, I think.

I’ve been having leg pain the last couple days. The right side. Hip to toes. It started as this ache just above my ankle bone. I’ve taken one motrin a day to take the edge off. It’s excruciating.

And now my favorite of the eight. Today was weight check day.


6.4 lbs lost!!!!!

I’m excited to see scale movement. I haven’t been below 200 pounds since August or September. And after an entire month of whole30, I only lost a few pounds. So this feels like the start of something really great.

Also, I got to update myfitnesspal and their graph image makes it look like I lost hundreds of pounds. Haha. It was good for some amusement.


Cliff dropping loss! Hahah.

Now onto the macros. Despite screenshotting the picture before I started typing this and having everything updated and perfect, I just went back to make sure I remembered my calories correctly and now the numbers are all different. Super weird. I can’t find anything off tho. So…I dunno. The new numbers are below.


1628 calories 10 fiber

The numbers are decent. I won’t/can’t/choose not to sweat it.

But now sleep. Because I’m so damn tired.


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