The goings on.

Last night I felt so amazing. And that amazingness caused a lack of tired. So I didn’t go to sleep til after midnight, which I was thinking would be fine because my little one would let me sleep til 8ish probably.

But no. He was up most of the night and my nipples feel like razor blades and I wonder what I ate that he didn’t like and worry that I didn’t eat enough. And I remember this happening back in September when I tried to do the Whole30 when he was just two months old. But I was hoping this would be less everything because he’s six months old now.

And it could have been a one time thing. Or a broccoli thing. But it still feels a bit discouraging. So from now on I’ll go back to limiting cruciferous vegetables and I’ll up my calories, even tho I’m rarely hungry for much above 1200 when I eat this way. And I’ll be more gentle with myself and with the babe. This doesn’t stop my journey or even pause it. It merely tweaks it.

I’m gonna go sleep for a half hour while he’s sleeping…before the big munchkins wake up and need me to be motherly.


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