The joyness of day two.

Today rocked. Like really fucking rocked. That feels so amazing!


1559 calories 6 fiber

Look at those beautiful numbers! Because I’m nursing a little one, I allow for more carbs. Even still, net carbs today was 26. Not worried about it.

I *feel* good. I feel good about my choices and the foods I ate and the continued determination to keep going.

This morning I also started vitamin d3. I used to take this every winter and kinda forgot about it.

Today I had a banana, split up throughout the day. I didn’t want to eat a whole one at once and spike anything. It’ll be the only sugary carb thing and for now the plan is to do that every other day. After a lifetime’s worth of trouble not being able to poo, I finally found something that makes me regular. A banana a day. But I’m willing to see how every other day banana’ing goes. I just refuse to be constipated for weeks at a time ever again.

I am off now to finish the first episode of The OA and then sleep!

Seriously tho. I feel so amazing. And so damn proud. Yay me!!


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