Simon says: Day 3

I’m pretty sure there’s only so many times a girl can wake up and have it be dark outside, so the last time the baby woke me, I just stayed up. Now it’s 8am. Needless to say, I’m exhausted. But I’m still doing this anyway!

I heated up food while the baby half yelled at me and then full on screamed at me. And then we snuggled and danced together until my food was cold again. Then I ate my breakfast with my fingers because I’m sick of nursing and needing to use my right hand to eat with a fork.


This is my Whole30. It’s messy and it’s awkward and it’s not always fair. But it’s mine and I love it.

The Cat in the Hat took Baby Thing around 10 something this morning and I got to sleep a glorious couple hours. When I woke up I felt human again. I ate a meal around 1 and a snack around 4.


Meal 2 (In non-distorted reality, this bowl is bigger than the plate below)


Snack 1

While I could easily eat more fruit, I’m consciously limiting it to a small amount once or twice a day.

We left the house for a good few hours and upon getting home around 8, the baby wanted to eat and the husband wanted to eat and I was still satiated. I finally made and ate food close to 9:30. It’s later than I want to be eating, but also I stay up kinda late, so it evens out.


The Cat in the Hat is doing his own version of Whole30. He’s not going for compliant, as much as just eating cleaner and mindfully. I like seeing him eat this way. He gets so freaking proud of himself and he feels so damn good and his sunshine warms me.

Day three felt really good. If I am completely underslept or don’t find ways to occupy my thoughts, I can see how I could go a little mad trying to find willpower. After I finished eating tonight, my brain was trying to find ways to justify having a couple apple slices. “I want something light and juicy.” “It’s a better last taste to have in my mouth.” “I won’t feel satiated until I have a little extra.” But I chose not to give those thoughts validity and soon enough, food time was over and eating something later seemed “too later” and no longer a part of dinner.

I feel really good about today. This Whole30 isn’t hard. It’s not easy–but it isn’t hard. It just feels like a good fit and that makes it entirely doable.

Looking at the Whole30 timeline, I was supposed to feel a hangover yesterday and today and want to kill everything tomorrow and the next day. No hangover. Dunno if it’ll ever surface. I don’t know if I’ll want to kill anything either. I don’t do gluten and didn’t overdose on crap before I started. I also drink a lot of water, and I eat starchy carbs at every meal to make sure I keep my breastmilk supply up. So…we’ll see how if the timeline is even something accurate for me or not.

Also, as I’m coming up on Day four, there’s a juvenile part of me that is just giddy about having a jumpstart on all the other Whole30’ers who aren’t starting their SeptemberWhole30 until the 5th. I’m not one for competition or comparing, but it feels good to be ahead, knowing I’ll also be finished first.


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