Simon says: Day 2

I’ve been up since 6:20am. Baby ate and then played in his bouncer. I got to snuggle in bed with Thing Two for a good long while. This warms my heart and today it’s the thought that fills my mind instead of entertaining the idea of snacking. Cause I’m underslept and exhausted and cranky, and snacking is the go to. But these 30 days are about building a healthier lifestyle and making good decisions for myself. This isn’t immediate gratification. This is big picture.

I wasn’t hungry enough to eat a whole meal when I first woke up, nor did I want to eat if it wasn’t a whole meal. I finally ate around 8:30. No electronics. But a fussy baby on my lap. I left one burger, but by the end of the meal, I was getting full and finished the potato anyway. My brain kinda went into panic mode and Baby Thing was screaming and, man, I can really see why no distractions is important for mindfulness.


Now it’s 11am and I’m hoping the babe will sleep so I can pass out.

Babe didn’t want to sleep at 11:30, so I made food for myself and figured we’d go out after I ate.


I couldn’t take all the exhaustion though and I chose to listen to netflix while I ate. After I ate, I made one last ditch effort for the baby to sleep. Hurray!! That finally did the trick! He finally passed out and we slept from 11:45ish til 2:45!!! What a relief!

Then I ate at 3:45.


Around 6:30 the Cat in the Hat and I were going to go out. I made a small snack because I knew we’d be going out for a good few hours.


I had almond butter on the apple slices.

We got back and I made dinner and finally ate again at 9:45. It’s our tradition to watch The West Wing and eat dinner and ice cream. I stayed mindful while eating and nixed the ice cream.


I had a few moments today when I got a little antsy with food or wanted to snack or just was anxious in general and would have normally used food to quell that. I did what I had to do anyway though to be succussful. Bring on tomorrow!


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