Simon says: Let’s do this!

Today is finally here!!! I’m really excited to get started on this journey. The days leading up to now have had some anxiety. Some days I just wanted to be finished with the preparing and I wanted to jump into the doing. For the sake of transparency, I need to tell you that the preparing didn’t all get accomplished like it was supposed to.

I have an 8 week old baby who hasn’t enjoyed napping for the past four days. Who has kept me from cleaning out the pantry or gathering recipes or making shopping lists. This child has insisted on staying attached to me. Of nursing constantly. Of demanding my attention. Of stealing more time than I feel I can give. And so I’m not prepared.

That being said, I’m still in it to win. I’ll do it sleep-deprived and deflated. I won’t be defeated. It just makes it all a lot more challenging than I was expecting.

I’m going to go back to sleep soon (it’s 3am). And eventually the sun will make its appearance on this day. I’ll crockpot a meal and oven a meal and stove top a meal. And I’ll have some meat and vegetables and sweet potato.

I’ve been waiting for this Whole30 for weeks. Waiting for the moment that I could cut the tie to food addiction. Waiting for the moment to be free for 30 days. Here’s to simpler times and choices already made.  I’m excited to be on this path! One foot in front of the other now.


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