Simon says: Day 1

It’s noon now. The day is going really well! I threw away some food this morning and made food for the day. I’d love to spend a solid hour cleaning everything out, but that’s just not within my power currently. So I’m just doing the best I can with what I have.

I had breakfast at 7:30. Palm and a half of protein. Cup or two vegetables. Half sweet potato. Couple teaspoons coconut oil.


Thing Two said I need more pictures on my blog, so voila!

I ate mindfully. No phone. No netflix. No distractions. I left a burger and a handful of vegetables. I stopped eating when I started to feel full. It felt good to listen to my body.

Then I cleaned until Thing One came home. We chilled for a bit and then I dropped her at school.

I’ve been trying to keep busy today, which is next to impossible since Baby Thing has yet to nap today. At 11, when I started to feel hungry, I made myself food.


Less is more.

It’s day one. I’m not overly confident or naively invincible. I’m just enjoying the good parts as I feel them.

Holy goodness!! Thing Baby slept from 1 til 5pm!!! I started getting hungry around 2pm and suddenly realized at 2:15 that that was appropriate and I should eat! So I had about as much as I had for my second meal. I forgot for a moment about mindfulness and started to get on netflix and then remembered and ate my meal quietly.

I’m trying to pay attention to the bites, but it’s hard still. My mind wanders. I make lists in my head and write out blog posts. I guide myself back to mindfulness when I remember too. 25% or so of the bites I’m remembering to think about texture and taste and appreciation of the food.

At dinner tonight, we sat as a family and talked about our days and what it means to be Whole30. Everyone loved dinner. It had been a really long time since we last had chicken.


I added a handful of fruit tonight to break up the monotony of heavy foods.

Thing One and Thing Two and I went for a walk after dinner. It was nice just chilling with them while The Cat in the Hat stayed home with Baby Thing.

While the kids got ready for bed, I baked some chicken and potatoes for tomorrow. Around 10:30 I decided I need to eat a little bit before sleeping, otherwise tomorrow wouldn’t be all it’s cracked up to be. I need to navigate food carefully and I’m kinda sleep-deprived. I don’t want to risk getting all lightheaded while taking care of Baby Thing.


I ate a couple bites of vegetables before remembering to take a picture.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first food day. One day down. This is a good fit.


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