Simon says: Finish the steps already.

Step six talks about the things I can do to help myself be successful in my Whole30 adventures. Along with planning and preparing meals ahead of time, I need to prepare myself mentally for life obstacles that might try to get in my way. Whole30 recommends creating “if/then” statements for myself ahead of time.

If I need to eat, but my kids are whining at me that they are hungry, then I will text a friend that it’s hard and then I will make the kids food so that I can later eat mine mindfully.

If it’s time for me to eat, but the baby needs to nurse, then I will have a small snack available to eat while I feed him. I won’t eat another meal right after the baby finishes eating–I’ll wait until I’m hungry.

If I have recently eaten and want more food even though I’m not hungry, then I will choose a self-care activity. (I can text a friend or journal or shower or take a walk or color, etc.)

If I am awake in the middle of the night, then I will choose to go back to sleep without eating.

This is good practice too for when unexpected obstacles try to tackle me. I will write this list down to keep with me and add new if/then statements as things arise.

Step seven is the easiest one for me. Don’t use the scale.

This was hard for me years ago, but has since become a non-issue. I’ll be interested to see how the numbers change at the end of the 30 days, but it won’t eat at me. No pun intended.

Step eight is Do the Whole30! Only two more days until go time!!!



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